It is no secret that Kansas is one of the Nation’s leaders for trophy whitetails, specifically the state’s southern tier. More Boone and Crockett qualifiers come out of these small game management units than most entire states. M.H.O. manages some of the very best trophy whitetail ranches in the country, in Units-15&16. This agricultural area is home to a variety of crops including corn, alfalfa, soybeans, milo, and wheat. The terrain varies from dense Cedar canyons to thick River bottom hardwoods. Our hunts produce numerous 140-160+ class bucks every year, and offer a legitimate chance taking home a 170-190+ class buck. Our hunters harvested numerous 170+ bucks in 2012!!
















     The KDWP purposely schedules the Rifle season post-rut. However, firearm hunters will commonly experience rutting activity as bucks are still following late-estrus does. Many of our top-end deer are harvested while chasing yearling does which typically come-in estrous in early December. Hunters on the second hunt will be catching bucks hitting food sources and regaining strength after a hard-fought rut. This “food-hunt” can be VERY productive.


Does not include room and board.

Dates: 5-days, Dec.4-8 or Dec.11-15




     This hunt offers a unique opportunity at hunting Monster whitetails very early in the year. The bucks are in late-summer patterns and can be very predictable. We pattern the bachelor-groups then target specific deer. These target-areas are near feeding and bedding where the bucks typically have a set pattern.


Does not include room and board.

Dates: 5-days, Sept. 16-20 or Sept. 25-29

*Variable scopes ARE allowed on Muzzleloaders.

*Self-Guided Return: Dec.11-15 (Unsuccessful Muzzle-season hunters only)




     Our bow hunts take place during the peak of the rut and the action can be truly amazing. Hunters will have an excellent opportunity at harvesting P&Y class animals and these areas produce many B&C bucks every year. We’ve hosted 33 total bow-hunters over the last 5 years taking 28 bucks. That’s 85% success with bow!!


Does not include room and board.

Dates: 6-days: Nov. 2-7 : Nov.9-14 : Nov.16-21

Draw-hunt: (100% of our applicants have drawn tags) K.D.W.P - (620) 672-5911.

* Applicants must apply in April at . Results available in July.

* Successful Applicants must also purchase a Non- Resident Hunting License($75)

* Hunters safety certification is required if born on or after July 1st , 1957.









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