(Rifle and Muzzleloader)


    Oklahoma has quickly become known as a premier Whitetail destination, specifically the Northwest quadrant of the state. We hunt four Northwestern counties, located along the Kansas border and our ranches are the best in the area. The terrain is very diverse, varying from dense Cimarron River bottoms to rugged cedar canyons. We harvest some great bucks on these ranches, resulting as one of the most popular areas among our clients.

    M.H.O. has 10 miles of Cimarron River frontage near the Kansas border as well as numerous leases scattered throughout the cedar-canyon country.  We strictly limit the number of hunters per ranch resulting in great age-structure.  Target deer are in the 140-170+ class.

*Kansas Caliber Hunting!

*Lodging and meals are NOT included.

2013 Muzzle Dates: Oct.26-30 *Oct.30-Nov.3

2013 Rifle Dates:  Nov.23-27 *Nov.30-Dec.4 *Dec.4-8


*License($280) can be purchased at www.wildlifedepartment.com*

*Hunter Education needed if born on or after January 2, 1972*

















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