The Panhandle region of Texas is a great destination for pursuing trophy bucks. Unlike the southern portion of the state, this area is home to large-bodied, heavy-framed animals. Here, the terrain varies from the dense Canadian River bottoms to rolling sagebrush covered sandhills. Due to our extensive management practices and limited-hunters, these ranches receive very little hunting pressure, resulting in an above average number of mature bucks and an excellent buck:doe ratio. Itís not uncommon to see dozens and dozens of bucks during these hunts, resulting in most hunts being 100% successful. Our hunters will have a very good chance at taking 140-160+ class bucks. 


Dates: 5-days: Nov.2-6 : Nov.9-13 : Nov.16-20 : Nov.23-27 : Dec.14-18 : Dec.28-Jan.2

License/Tags($315) can be purchased at (800) 895-4248 and

Hunters Safety is required if born on or after September 2, 1971.

*Guided hunt; including lodging, meals, and field transportation.*











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